A Church Sending Church

A Church planting church.

Since the beginning of Integrity Church, we have had a desire to be a church that plants other Gospel-centered churches. Our vision was to see a team of people who would position their lives around the Gospel and move to a place that desperately needed Jesus. By God’s grace, He has grown our church to be a church with the desire to mature and multiply believers to leave a Gospel legacy. As we have seen people in our church grow to love Jesus more, we have seen their willingness to take the Gospel to places that need it.

The church planter.

In 2010 Chris and Kristen Wilson came to Integrity Church. At the time, they were just a dating couple who would soon be engaged. Through getting to know Chris, we realized that he had a desire to grow as a leader and use his gift of preaching/teaching to help others grow to love Christ more. A year or so after Chris and Kristen visited Integrity, they got married and became a couple who faithfully served our church. Overtime we began to see God grow Chris as a leader. He led a small group, membership classes, missions trips and service projects throughout our city. During this time we began to see Chris’ desire to eventually be sent out from Integrity to plant a church. Once we identified that Chris wanted to plant, we began to discuss where this would happen, when this would happen and what steps he would need to take for this to become a reality.

Where would we plant?

One of the desire’s of Integrity was to help saturate Eastern North Carolina with healthy churches centered around the Gospel. Wilmington, NC is a city that desperately needs more solid churches as it is one of the fastest growing in the state. After much discussion and prayer, Chris and the leadership of Integrity came to the conclusion that Wilmington would be the ideal place for him to plant.

How would this happen?

At the beginning of 2015 Chris started our residency program which basically consisted of Chris joining our staff team. This opportunity gives Chris an inside look of the systems and structures of a newer church. It also provides Chris a greater chance to preach, teach and receive one on one training in ministry. Another key component to the residency is that it frees Chris up to support raise (both with people from Integrity and outside of Integrity). Through this process, Chris would also have the chance to recruit a team from Integrity to join him when he goes to Wilmington. With the combination of these things, we feel like Chris would be trained, equipped and supported to plant a healthy Gospel-centered church.

When will this happen?

On Sunday morning (May 1st) we will commission Chris, his family and his team to plant Restoration Church in Wilmington, NC! We are thrilled about this partnership as it is our first church plant that we are sending out of Integrity! Our hopes is that this plant would spark a movement in our people to position their lives around the Gospel as we seek to advance the Kingdom of God in North Carolina and around the world. May Restoration and Integrity link arms to saturate Eastern North Carolina with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.